Studio Tecnico Appiani Srl

Sontag Consult represents Studio Tecnico Appiani S.r.l in Thailand and Vietnam, as well as for selected special projects. We build up the market for parboiling plants and other hydro-thermal technologies.

Studio Tecnico Appiani S.r.l. is quality leader in parboiling technology and builds highly efficient parboiling plants from 2 t/h to 64 t/h and more around the world.

Sontag Consult in Thailand

In Thailand, the Sontag Consult team consists of:

Mr. Jo Sajjarachun and

Dr. Pattong Sawadikiat: 

367 Moo
8 Nonghieng, Panutnikom, Chonburi 20140
เลขที่ 367 หมู่
8 ตําบลหนองเหียง อําเภอพนัสนิคม จังหวัดชลบุรี 20140
Phone: +66 81 424 9717

Sontag Consult in Vietnam

In Vietnam, Sontag Consult is supported by:

Miss Hoang Uyen (Ni)


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Sontag Consult

Sontag Consult supports companies in developing their business between Europe and Asia. This includes developing strategies, business plans, building up sales and we sell actively.

In grain technology, especially rice technology we support our customers with process charts,  sourcing of equipment and project management.