Joachim Sontag 

Joachim Sontag 

Implementing the concepts I have elaborated for you is my biggest motivation

Building bridges between cultures and working with people is my biggest satisfaction

Over 30 Jahre


  • Sontag Consult
  • Marketing Director in Switzerland
  • Director of the Business Unit „Rice Processing“ in Germany and India
  • Business Administration: Université de Bordeaux, France (CAAE)
  • Mechanical Engineering: Technical University Berlin, Germany

Management Experience

Build-up of an internationally reputed business unit with 80 highly qualified employees world-wide.
I have built up a new business unit building rice processing plants world wide. The responsibility included marketing, sales, technology, engineering, erection, start up and research and development for new processes and machines.
Build-up of an organization in India from scratch to successful operation and growth.
I have built a business unit organization in Bangalore, India, close to the market and with a favourable cost structure. This included structuring the organization, personnel recruitment, training, market penetration, as well as manufacturing of key equipment for the world market.
Management of an affiliate company with 140 employees and own fabrication in India.
I have managed and restructured for further growth an affiliate company with sales and engineering in India for 10 Business Units and with a factory producing machines for the Indian market.
Over 30 years of international sales, contract negotiations and fulfilment in Asia, Europe and the Americas.
Throughout my carrier I have sold processing plants to key accounts world wide and managed an international sales organization.
Innovative management of process- and machine developments.
Focusing on innovative products with differentiation on the market I have shaped product ranges for the future, from market research to technical detail.
Development of new markets and product launches.
I have identified and developed new markets, entering with existing products in new geographical regions, for example rice processing equipment into India, China and Latin America; and entering into new industries, like introducing grading and material handling equipment into the sugar and the plastic industry.
Introduction of a marketing process and build-up of the respective organization.
I introduced capital goods marketing in a technically focused organization. This included creating the appropriate awareness, installing the marketing processes and building the organization.
Strategies and business plans for a division with 500 Mio. EUR turnover in 5 business units.
I have run the mid-term planning process, defining strategies, business- and action plans for 5 business units.
Setting up strategies and driving activities for rapid growth in China, including acquisitions of two companies.
In China I have elaborated new growth strategies for 5 business units in regional workshops. I have then driven the implementation of the strategies, including the acquisition of two Chinese companies.


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Sontag Consult

Sontag Consult supports companies in developing their business between Europe and Asia. This includes developing strategies, business plans, building up sales and we sell actively.

In grain technology, especially rice technology we support our customers with process charts,  sourcing of equipment and project management.