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    The Comprehensive Guide to Global Rice Technology and Innovative Products

      Rice Processing is the new standard handbook for the rice milling industry and related professions. Leading experts from science and industry around the world have teamed up to gather the latest research and to pool their state-of-the-art expertise on rice, rice milling and rice-based value added products. The book is technically profound, yet easy to read for both - professionals and those new to the field.

      While each chapter can be read in its own right, the book follows the sequence of rice processing, starting with a chapter on rice from an agricultural perspective that gives the book a solid underpinning with insights into the history, agronomy and morphology of rice. A chapter on world trade and consumption follows. Chapters 3 and 4 explore the technical aspects of the industry, with sections on drying, cooling, rice storage and classical rice milling. The parboiling process is described in depth with reference to a range of technologies. Important chapters are dedicated to the assessment of rice milling quality and food safety issues. Pertinently in view of the rice industry's current interest in value added products, the book provides valuable information on a wide range of rice-based food products, including special flours, pre-germinated rice, rice noodles and rice bran oil, while the energy potential in rice husks is discussed in a further chapter. The very different characteristics of the rice industry and of rice products in different parts of the world are investigated in a chapter that focuses on selected regions: Japan, India, China, Thailand and the USA. Finally, the authors venture a view into the future of the rice industry, based on the results of lively discussions within the author team.

      The following authors have contributed to this unique compilation of rice know-how:
      Professor Apichart Vanavichit, Robert and Jean-Pierre Brun, Thomas Laxhuber, Ralph E. Kolb, Dr. Claus M. Braunbeck, Salvatore Appiani, Dr. Ye Aung, Benedict Deefholts, Dr. Gabriel Hamid, Professor Terry Siebenmorgen, Sarah Lanning, Dr. Werner F. Nader and his team, Eleanor Ye Min, Anil Kumar Mittal, Professor Takasuke IshitaniI, Professor Ken'ichi Ohtsubo, Vichai Sriprasert, Professor Onanong Naivikul, Patcharee Tungtrakul, Dr. Sirichai Songsermpong, Pravit Santiwattana, Vincent Weyne, Joachim Sontag